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Club sports can be complicated, but they don't have to be! Our FAQ page is here to simplify your High Flyers experience. Find answers to common questions about registration, training, competitions, and more. Navigate with ease and get the most out of your volleyball journey with us.

  • Is volleyball a legitimate sport for boys'?
    Absolutely! Boys' volleyball is a legitimate and exciting sport with a rich history and growing popularity. According to the latest NFHS participation data, boys high school volleyball grew by 10,800 participants in 2022-23. The total number of participants is 77,287. This is up from 66,487 in 2021-22 and increase of 16.24%. This is the largest jump in boys volleyball participation numbers on a year-over-year comparison since the NFHS began publishing participation numbers. Only boys indoor track and field grew by a larger percentage (18.98%). At High Flyers, we're dedicated to nurturing boys' passion for volleyball and helping them reach their full potential in the sport, despite being limited in the school system. Our club has generated opportunities for boys’ to compete for over 20 years, creating countless post-secondary opportunities and professional players.
  • Is volleyball offered for boys as a sanctioned high school sport in Nebraska?
    No, unfortunately, boys' volleyball is not yet offered as a sanctioned sport in many high schools. However, High Flyers provides a robust club opportunity for boys to excel in volleyball outside of the school system, enabling national playing experience and opening college scholarship opportunities for those interested.
  • Can I earn a scholarship to play volleyball in college as a boy?
    Yes, players who have the determination and desire have the opportunity to earn scholarships to play volleyball at the collegiate level. Over our tenure, High Flyers has had a 100% success rate in assisting athletes who have the desire to find the opportunity to play at the collegiate level. With strong ties to a coaching network across the country, as well as 20+ years of experience, High Flyers provides ample resources and one-on-one guidance to help athletes pursue their collegiate volleyball aspirations.
  • When and where are practices held?
    Practices are held at various facilities in Lincoln, including Lincoln Sports Complex and Spikes Beach Bar & Grill. Typically held on weekends to accommodate athletes from across the state, practice locations and timing are set in advance based on court availability and best accommodations for athletes and coaches.
  • When does the season start, and how long does it last?
    Our season officially starts in early October, with pre-tryout clinics held throughout August and September. Training begins mid-October and runs through February. This includes regional and national qualify tournaments. Teams qualifying for Nationals resume training in mid-April, leading up to the national tournament in June. Follow us on social media for the most immediate updates on pre-tryout clinics, open gym, and tryout dates/times/locations!
  • Can I play if I have no experience?
    Absolutely! High Flyers specializes in developing talented athletes, regardless of prior volleyball experience. Our experienced coaching staff is dedicated to elevating all levels of play, focusing on high-level training and excellence in the sport.
  • What ages can participate at High Flyers?
    High Flyers offers opportunities for boys aged 8-18 to participate in our volleyball program.
  • What does a season cost at High Flyers?
    At High Flyers, we prioritize accessibility and affordability to ensure every child has the opportunity to participate in our impactful program. At a time where youth club sports fees are skyrocketing, High Flyers' membership fees are meticulously structured to cover expenses while minimizing financial strain on families. On average, season costs range from $1,400 to $1,600, covering tournament entry fees, facility costs, coaching expenses, and full jersey and gear. Please note, family costs for travel and lodging are not included. Additionally, need-based scholarship opportunities are available to support athletes facing financial challenges. For inquiries regarding scholarship options, please reach out directly to our team.
  • Are scholarships available?
    Yes. Please submit an inquiry to your website for more information on need-based scholarship opportunities for club participation at High Flyers.
  • Is travel required for tournaments and how far away are tournaments?
    Travel is an unavoidable part of participation with High Flyers, but is also part of the unique and valuable experience that will enrich your athlete and expose them to new experiences. A typical season includes 3-4 "regional" tournaments, which may involve travel to Des Moines, Kansas City, or Cedar Rapids. Additionally, National Teams are expected to travel to 3 major qualifying tournaments in Denver, Chicago, and St. Louis. Recognizing that travel expenses can accumulate, High Flyers offers scholarship and fundraising options to help teams offset costs.
  • Does High Flyers' offer private lessons?
    Yes! Private lessons, one-on-one, and group sessions can be requested and scheduled. Inquiries can be submitted via our website or in the chat function.

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