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My name is Greg, and together with my wife Nancy, I co-founded the High Flyers Volleyball club in 2002.  My passion is in fostering a love of the game to every athlete in our program.  Learn more about my story and role within the club below. 

My Story

Greg is both the co-founder and Master Coach for the High Flyers Volleyball Club.  Greg has meticulously crafted the coaching and training philosophy of High Flyers, drawing from his immense 40 years of coaching experience. This philosophy has propelled hundreds of athletes to excel at the amateur club level and secure collegiate scholarship opportunities at prestigious NCAA DI/II & III as well as NAIA programs nationwide. Greg has not only coached hundreds of athletes but also mentored dozens of coaches, serving as the “coach of coaches,” many of whom have continued on after High Flyers to coach professionally at the club, high school, and collegiate levels. Greg's focus within the organization has evolved beyond not only his direct impact on athletes but to building an expert staff, expanding the organization's capacity to positively impact young athletes' lives.

Greg’s dedication to not only the organization but to the volleyball community at-large is evidenced by his estimable service on the Great Plains Region Junior Program Board, and being a two-time recipient of the Great Plains Region “Meritorious Service Award.”


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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