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My name is Nancy MacLean, and together with my husband Greg, co-founded the High Flyers Volleyball Club in 2002.  My work with the organization is a labor of love, and my mission is to help every family I can benefit from our organization. You can read more about my story and role with the club below.

My Story

Nancy carries the title of director but fills many more roles than just the planning and coordination of the organization. With a professional background in business and as an entrepreneur, Nancy leads the High Flyers with strong leadership and advocacy on all issues, large and small.  To ensure the mission’s continued impact, Nancy tirelessly facilitates scholarships and aid for families. Embodying our mission and values, Nancy never rests until every athlete is ensured a path to greater opportunities, on and off the court. Beyond this, Nancy acts as Chief Recruitment Officer, advocating for the club and actively recruiting athletes and families to ensure the organizations’ longevity and reach.

Nancy’s leadership at the helm of the club extends to the individual level, offering mentorship for athletes, and often working closely with their families on navigating challenges, ensuring support -- financially, emotionally, and socially, to participate and reap the full benefits of our club.  Her extensive commitment to the volleyball community was recognized with a Meritorious Service Award from the Great Plains Region.  Her efforts truly know no bounds.


I'm always looking to connect with members of the community.  


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